Not Another Christmas Blog Post

Ok…I lied. I know that by this 7th day of December most of you are already sick and tired of Christmas music (and commercials and sales and sweaters, etc.) but I implore you to just hear me out for these few paragraphs.

I LOVE Christmas. It really is my favorite holiday, as it is for many people. But what is so frustrating is the response I get from people when I tell them that my favorite holiday is Christmas. “Oh you’re a present person, huh?” or “I know! Aren’t the presents great!” Most of the time I just nod my head and smile even though inside I’m screaming “NOOOO!” Sure, the presents are great and so are the sweaters and the music, but that’s not why I wait impatiently the whole year for this holiday.

This picture doesn't really have anything to do with anything but it was too perfect...I couldn't resist.

Christmas…magic…get it?

I love the feeling of Christmas. I love that for 1 month out of the year, people are willing to smile at each other and be generous and kind to one another. I love the looks of pure happiness on children’s faces as they sit on Santa’s lap. I love the joy that comes with knowing this holiday is so much more than just getting presents. There is a magic about it, a magic that doesn’t appear with any other holiday. It’s that magic that makes me love this holiday so much.  And it’s that magic, I think, that people have forgotten or at least become oblivious to.

When did Christmas become about commercialism? When did the presents under the tree become more important than the presence of God? I’m not trying to be on a soapbox nor am I trying to force people to love Christmas…I just wish that the magic and joy and happiness of this holiday could be felt all year round. So before you go back to purchasing gifts, drinking hot chocolate, and complaining about listening to Christmas music while wearing a tacky sweater, pause for a second and try to remember what this holiday is all about. Try to feel the magic of the season again and once you’ve got it, carry it with you long past December 25th.