Kingdom Keeper Kraziness.

Even though I’m a sophomore in college, one of favorite book series EVER is the Kingdom Keeper Series by Ridley Pearson. A young adult series that takes place in and around the Disney Parks, it’s one of those series that is both entirely predictable and utterly unpredictable at the same time. I love feeling like I know what is going to happen next without actually believing that it will really happen and this book series makes me feel that way every time I turn the page. Suspense, humor, adventure, terror–this series really does have it all. I find this particularly satisfying especially since it is a young adult series. Maybe it is my young heart that makes me ignore the somewhat cheesy plot line, but I really think this is a great series that people of all ages will enjoy.Kingdom_Keepers-Dark_Passage

I discovered this series kind of by accident. I was wandering around my local Barnes and Noble  young adult section around 5 years ago (you know, a typical Saturday night), when I saw a book with Disney in the title. Since I have always loved anything and everything with a Disney name tag, I immediately grabbed the purple and black iridescent paperback book (along with the sequel sitting next to it) and the rest is history. Within two months, I had finished both of the books and was anxiously awaiting more. I NEEDED MORE. I wanted to walk around the Disney Parks at night. I wanted to beat the Overtakers and keep Walt Disney’s legacy alive. I wanted, no, needed, to be a Keeper. Every year since then, I have pre-ordered the books to get them on the day of release and I have fallen in love with them more and more with every book.

The Sixth Book, Dark Passage,came out this Tuesday and the responsible college student in me is fighting the urge to lock myself in a closet until I’ve read every last word. I’ve placed the book on my dorm room book shelf amidst the textbooks and young adult books grown-up novels already there and every time I look up, I can hear it calling me. “Try me…” Maleficent whispers. “Help me…” Finn yells. “Save my kingdom…” Walt beckons.

Forget homework. I’m going to Disneyworld.


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